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Testing Chamber

Climatic and Environmental Simulation Testing chambers:
The range of Aralab's environmental testing chambers offer the ideal solution for temperature and climatic testing, simulation and exposure to weather, temperature changes, aging simulation, stress testing and many other applications that require the use of a reliable climatic chamber.
Thanks to their superior building quality and unsurpassed technical performances it is easy to understand why so many customers rely on our chambers for the most intensive and rigorous testing requirements.

All standard chambers have a wide range of options and variations for different applications and different tests from Weathering, Temperature, Thermal Shock, Frost / Defrost, Radiation, Water protection and noxious Gases. Our range of environmental simulation testing chamber includes:

  • Temperature and temperature/humidity test chambers
  • Low energy consumption climatic chambers
  • Corrosion test chambers
  • Rain test chambers
  • Sand & dust test chambers
  • Solar / UV light test chambers
  • Vibration test chambers
  • Vacuum test chambers
  • Combined test chambers
  • Thermal shock test chambers - Environmental Stress Screening chambers
  • HALT & HASS chambers
  • HAST chambers (pressure test)
  • Battery test chambers
  • Solar/Photovoltaic Module test chambers
  • Space simulation chambers / thermal vacuum chambers
  • Walk-in chambers to test big specimen
  • Automotive testing chambers
Common Applications:

  • Electronic components, Automotive industry, Aerospace, Building materials, Textiles, Coatings, Solar technology, etc.
  • Climatic and Temperature testing
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Solar Module Tests
  • Metrology and Calibration
  • Vibration testing
  • Freeze / Thaw Cycles
  • Radiation Aging
  • Dust and Water protection
  • Cure for Cement and Mortars
  • Research & Quality Control

FitoTerm and FitoClima Reach-in Climatic Chambers
300 to 1.500 liters

Environmental testing chambers, ranging from 300 to 1500 litres of internal volume. Ideal solution for temperature and climatic testing, simulation and exposure to weather, temperature changes, aging and stress testing.

FitoClima SOL chambers
300 up to 18.000 liters

Range of climatic and temperature chambers with reach-in and walk-in dimensions, designed for solar photovoltaic panels testing compliant with IEC 61215 / 61646 / 62108 and EN 12975-1 / 12975-2 standards

FitoTerm and FitoClima walk-in Climatic chambers
8.000 to 12.000 liters

When internal testing volume is a necessity, Aralab walk-in chambers for environmental testing will offer the performance and reliability you need. Volumes ranging from 8.000 to 12.000 liters in stainless steel interior and exterior
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Fitoclima S600 / D1200 PHCI

Climatic chambers with temperature and high humidity ranges, built for testing the cure of concrete, cement and mortars.

Fitoterm 150 CTE2

The Temperature Shock test chamber - FitoTerm 150 CTE2 - has two independent (Hot/Cold) chambers in the same chassis allowing ultra fast temperature changes to the test specimens by means of an interior lift.

FitoCal 300

This powerful and precise chamber was developed specifically for temperature and humidity calibration / metrology. It is characterized by extraordinary uniformity and stability performances of the configured climatic conditions.
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  • The most advanced technology in climate control
  • Internal aerodynamic optimization to ensure of climatic conditions
  • High performance temperature (resolution of 0.1°C) and humidity control (resolution of 0.1%)
  • Equipped with touch-screen CLIMAPLUS™ Controller for real-time monitoring, managing and logging all operation data
  • Capacity for creating 50 programs of 50 segments each
  • Possibility of performing specific testing conditions with external commands and instruments
  • Automatic restart of test in case of power failure, without losing data and restarting a test where it was interrupted
  • Wired and wireless outputs for connecting devices
  • Reduced investment, low maintenance, reliable and accurate performance
  • Compliant with international standards and requirements EN, IEC, DIN, ISO, NP and UNE
  • Best price-quality relationship in the global market
FitoClima 300
FitoClima 500
FitoClima 1000
FitoClima 1500
Walk-In 8000
Internal volume (L)
8000 (*)
Performance for Temperature Tests
Temperature Range (°C)
From -10°C, -20°C, -45°C and -75°C up to 180°C
Temperature changing rate cooling
From 1°C to 10°C / Minute
Stability / Uniformity
±0,5°C / ±0.3°C to ±1.5°C
Performance for Climatic Tests
Temperature Range (°C)
10°C to 95°C
Humidity Range (RH)
10 to 98% RH
Stability / Uniformity
±2% RH / ±2% RH
Internal Dimension
(H x W x D) in mm
800 x 650 x 600
920 x 700 x 780
1000 x 1000 x 1060
1000 x 1000 x 1560
2000 x 2000 x 2000 (*)
External Dimension
(H x W x D) in mm
1830 x 990 x 1340
 1950 x 1040 x 1530
2030 x 1340 x 2330
2030 x 1340 x 2330
2700 x 2300 x 3380 (*)
(*) Other walk-in sizes / dimensions available
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