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Plant Research Chamber

Plant research chambers & controlled environment rooms:
Growing tropical plants or Arabidopsis is not the same thing. The technology differs in order to achieve a wide range of lighting levels, and the internal components vary to recreate the climatic conditions ideal for each species. It is also totally different to need a compact and small chamber or chambers for large amounts of samples and species.  N-Wissen provides chambers of all types in order to cover the widest range of applications in comparison with other competitors. Our strength is flexibility.
In addition to the variety of sizes available, we offer two types of FITOCLIMA chambers: chambers with standard lighting (up to 650 μmoles / m2s) and chambers with high lighting performance (up to 1500 μmoles / m2s).
Aralab FITOCLIMA chambers provide from standard solutions to fully personalized needs of research, offering a wide range of options (temperature, humidity, lighting control, CO2, NOx, etc.) and advanced control technology.
Common Applications:

  • Plant Growth
  • Tissue Culture
  • Arabidopsis Research
  • Algae Research
  • Insect Rearing
  • Seed storage and germination
  • Other life sciences applications

Fitoclima 600 & 1.200

Plant research chambers with 'reach-in' sizes. Allowing precise and reproducible control of light intensities, temperature & humidity and with an adaptable interior.

Fitoclima Walk-in Chambers

Controlled Environment Rooms with single or multi-tier plant growth modules. Independent light control for each module and precise climatic simulation.

Fitoclima 2.500

Plant research chamber offering high light intensities and low temperatures in constant operation. From arctic cold to tropical heat, all in the same controlled environment.
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Features / Advantages:
  • Best price-quality relationship in the global market
  • Flexible, future proof climatic chambers designed for numerous applications
  • Wide environmental performance ranges, enabling greater control of climatic conditions
  • Optimal internal thermodynamics to ensure uniformity of climatic conditions
  • Numerous light options with multiple intensities and LEDs with fixed and variable wavelengths
  • Flexible interior configurations allowing different research requirements
  • Equipped with programmable CLIMAPLUS™  touchscreen controller for real-time monitoring, managing and logging all operation data
  • Capacity for creating 32 programs of 24 segments each
  • 0.1°C temperature resolutions
  • 0.1% RH humidity resolutions
  • Possibility of performing specific testing conditions with external commands and instruments
  • Wired and wireless outputs for connecting devices
FitoClima 600
FitoClima 1.200
FitoClima 2.500
FitoClima 10.000
FitoClima 12.000
Control (1)
Internal volume (L)
Temperature Range (°C)
Light ON
Light OFF

5 to 45 °C
-5 to 45 °C
Stability / Uniformity

± 0.5 °C / ± 1 °C
Humidity Range
Light ON
Light OFF

35-40 % to 80 % RH
40 % to 90-95 % RH
Humidity stability
±1% RH
±2% RH
Light types
Fluorescent, Halogen, Metal Halid or LEDs with fixed and variable/configurable wavelengths
All with dimming function
Lighting (2)
0 to 650 μmoles / m2s per shelve
at 150mm from light shelf and 25 °C
1.000 μmoles / m2s
at 1.000mm from light shelf and 25 °C
Shelving (3) &
up to 4 shelves
1,4 m2
up to 8 shelves
2,8 m2
2 shelves
1,43 m2
1 Tier
5,2 m2

12 shelves
9 m2
Internal Dimension
(HxWxD) in mm
1340 x 600 x 660
1340 x 1320 x 660
1405 x 1927 x 740
1970 x 3300 x 1600
2030 x 2000 x 3200
External Dimension
(HxWxD) in mm
1980 x 730 x 920
1980 x 1450 x 810
1989 x 3225 x 1010
2750 x 4000 x 2450
3000 x 3860 x 2210
(1) P Temperature | PH Temperature and Humidity | PL Temperature and Light | PLH Temperature, Light and Humidity | PDH Temperature and Low Humidity levels
(2) Different light types with more or less intensity are available
(3) All shelves are removable and adjustable in height for an optimum growth space
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